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What makes the Space Agency so special?

We are a totally unique publicity agency with the in-house know-how and network of proven partners that publicise products in a way that works.

Our partners include leading global publicity and pr agencies to freelance digital experts and even specialist space industry marketers to ensure our clients enjoy maximum publicity around the world.

And yes, we really do work with space industry partners that can send your products out of this world and into orbit!

From keeping our feet on the street and testing consumer products on the ground to flying your flag to the Space Station and beyond - We have it covered. Contact our team to see the opportunities currently available.

Marketing Services

Marketing Services

From brand pr strategy and planning to creative media design, Google optimization and implementation

Public Relations Services

Public Relations Services

Publicity, promotion, press coverage and product placement. Our integrated service have a proven history.

Business Growth Services

Business Growth Services

Building relationships, partnerships and developing strategies that increase profits and business opportunities.

Latest Knowledge and Insight

Find out what is working best for businesses and brands around the world. From marketing and publicity insights to promotion and advertising advice from the experts.
March 18, 2019

Revealed! How Big Marketing Agencies Grow Businesses

Growing your business is hard, and it is even harder to grow it in the online world, where there are hundreds of competitors from all over the world. However, with the help of a digital marketing agency, you can be able to achieve a […]

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