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How We Do It

Our space industry partners work with launch providers and space agencies around the world to provide seamless payload integration and launch services.

What makes the Space Agency so special?

Yes, we are a totally unique publicity agency with the know-how to get your products launched into space - and keep your brand in the public eye.

We work with commercial space sector consultants, launch service providers, CubeSat operators, space industry marketers, commentators, writers and space news websites to ensure a unique adventure and maximum publicity for our clients around the world.

From testing consumer products on suborbital missions to flying your flag to the Space Station, or across the cosmos - We have it covered.

Ever wondered how much press coverage and publicity your products would get if they were the first of their kind being sent to space? With a range of integrated services, we can help you find out. Contact our team to see the opportunities currently available.

Marketing Services

Marketing Services

From space pr strategy and planning to creative media design, Google optimization and implementation

Public Relations Services

Public Relations Services

Publicity, promotion, press coverage and product placement. Our integrated service have a proven history.

Business Growth Services

Business Growth Services

Building relationships, partnerships and developing strategies that increase profits and business opportunities.

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