Revealed! How Big Marketing Agencies Grow Businesses

Revealed! How Big Marketing Agencies Grow Businesses

Digital marketing agencies

Growing your business is hard, and it is even harder to grow it in the online world, where there are hundreds of competitors from all over the world. However, with the help of a digital marketing agency, you can be able to achieve a great online presence, attract potential prospects and turn them into paying customers, thus increasing your business’ bottom line.

But how exactly can a digital marketing agency help you achieve these goals? Below Martin Wilson of Albion Marketing takes a look at some the ways big digital marketing agencies help businesses to grow in order to leave the competition behind.

1. Website and Search Engine Optimization

Designing websites and optimizing them is one of the top ways that big digital marketing agencies help their client’s businesses to grow. A website offers businesses an online presence, allowing customers from all over the world to find them. This offers them a wide target – as opposed to just the local market. In addition to an online presence, a website provides businesses with a platform from which they can launch several online marketing strategies, thus gaining more customers.

On top of having a website, businesses need to be visible to potential customers, i.e., potential customers can easily find a business when they search for it, or the product and services it offers. Search engine optimization helps to achieve this by optimizing a business’ website, thus ensuring that it appears high in search engine results.

There are several digital marketing agencies that offer website design and search engine optimization solutions. Webfx is one such agency, which offers SEO solutions such as on-page and off-page SEO, e-commerce stores SEO, local SEO, and so on. The company, which is based in Harrisburg Pennsylvania has hundreds of customers from all over the world, including plumbing companies, e-commerce stores, food service companies, real estate companies, and so on.

2. Increasing conversions

Lead generation and conversion
Having a website that is optimized will help your business attract lots of potential customers. However, in order to earn revenue and grow, your business must be able to convert the prospects into paying customers. Converting more leads into online sales is another way in which digital marketing agencies help businesses to grow.

The marketing agencies will employ a number of tactics to generate more leads for a business, and then convert them into paying customers. Some of these tactics include optimizing content, offering free items (for example, downloadable resources), designing landing pages, designing contact forms, and so on so as to attract and convert more leads. Other tactics that can be used by marketing agencies to help businesses convert more leads include designing call-to-actions, guest blogging, using referral programs, email marketing, online PR, and so on.

Just like with web design and SEO solutions, there are several digital marketing agencies that offer lead conversion solutions. Top among these agencies is Albion Marketing ( a UK based digital marketing agency. The agency has dozens of clients, including companies, businesses, and organizations such as the University of Brighton, Supreme Tracks, American University of Integrated Sciences, Nanoracks, Edif, and others. It offers results such as increased search engine traffic, increased leads, and increased sales.

3. Social Media Optimization

Social media has transformed from a social networking platform into a marketing tool that offers business access to millions of potential customers all over the world. As a result, digital marketing agencies are utilizing the social media space by offering their clients various social media marketing solutions, which are designed to increase their social media presence, target potential customers, generate leads, and convert them into sales.

Some of the social media marketing solutions you can find being offered by digital marketing agencies include:
• Helping businesses to establish a social media presence by opening and managing accounts
• Helping businesses to connect with customers through updates (posts), direct messages, comments, etc.
• Increasing social media traffic by posting content that links to a business’ website
• Creating and updating social media content
• PR solutions on social media platforms
• Advertising products and services on social media platforms

Nearly all digital marketing agencies will offer social media marketing solution alongside their other online marketing solutions. However, there are a few agencies that stand out from the rest. A good example is Lyfe Marketing a digital marketing agency that offers a range of solutions, including a comprehensive social media marketing package. The agency has several customers, including notable ones such as Hilton, DayClear, Domino’s Pizza, Wing Stop, and Georgia University. It offers results such as increased website traffic, increased leads, and increased conversions.

4. Content Planning

A good digital marketing agency knows that content is one of the most important online marketing tool. It is thus no wonder that content solutions are among the most popular services offered by marketing agencies. The solutions offered are tailored at creating fresh content or improving the existing content so to increase user engagement and in turn, generate and convert more leads.

Some of the top content solutions offered by digital marketing agencies include:
• Content planning – through keyword research, competitor research, and so on
• Writing and rewriting services to create or improve existing content
• Guest blogging to generate more traffic and leads
• Content curation and repurposing
• Visual content marketing – using images, illustrations, infographics, etc
• Video content marketing

You can find several digital marketing agencies that offer content solutions. A good one that stands out is the Digital Content Agency The Digital Content, a marketing agency that specializes in digital content. It offers a range of solutions from website content creation to graphic content, video content, photography, personal profiles, and so on. It promises its clients results such as increased brand awareness, increased target audience engagement, increased website traffic, improved customer relations, and increased lead generation and conversion.

5. Branding Solutions

Branding solutions
Branding is another top service offered by digital marketing agencies to their clients. Branding helps a business to create a persona that is memorable, thus helping consumers to easily recognize your business. Branding also helps to increase the credibility of your business; customers are more likely to trust a business with a recognizable brand.

Branding solutions that are offered by digital marketing agencies include:
• Creation of a brand name
• Design of logo, color schemes, fonts and layouts, and graphics
• Creation of content that communicates the brand message
• Rebranding – for businesses looking to change/modify their brands
• Branding consultancy
• Creation of a brand story
• Business website/blog branding

One of the top digital marketing agencies that offer branding solution is Luna Branding a UK-based agency. It a large portfolio of clients, including Cherwell Windows, Decke Edge, Aced Tennis, Ian Bridge Consultancy, GWP Group, Drewman Guitars, and others. It promises results such as improved brand image, increased brand awareness, and increased customer engagement.

Digital marketing agencies can offer your business a wide range of solutions to help establish and grow it. But some are much more effective than others. The above are some of the solutions you can find from some of the top agencies that have proven to grow businesses for clients in a range of sectors.

If you are looking to launch or grow your business, hire one of these agencies, find out what makes them different  – it may be the one thing you do that will help you grow your business after years of stagnation.

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