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Rules governing the use and distribution of CANOPUS Data

Revised in May 1999


This document describes the "rules of the Road" for the use and dissemination of CANOPUS data. Any data with which you are supplied or any data you download electronically are subject to these conditions. Your use of these data is contingent upon your acceptance of these conditions.

CANOPUS data is the property of the CANADIAN SPACE AGENCY (CSA). It is distributed under the condition that all publications using the data acknowledge the Canadian Space Agency as supplier of the data. Publications include oral and written presentations, posters, reports, scientific papers, and any other form of communication.

Note: The CSA and CANOPUS scientists encourage the use of the CANOPUS data set for scientific research, education, and other non-commercial purposes. These "rules of the road" exist to ensure that the CANOPUS team scientists have an opportunity to benefit from their labours in obtaining the data, and furthermore, to ensure that users of the data can benefit from the experience of the CANOPUS scientists.

Guidelines for Data Utilization

Acceptable Use of CANOPUS Data

The CANOPUS Data is the property of the Canadian Space Agency.

Data from the CANOPUS Project is provided to support activities normally undertaken by scientists, researchers, educators, students, and those in similar occupations.

Use of CANOPUS data for commercial purposes, monetary gain and direct product or service development (such as fee for service space weather forecasting) is expressly forbidden under these guidelines.

Conditions for Data Release Outside the CANOPUS Science Team

Large scale or long term continuous commitments to share data outside the team requires approval of the Canadian Space Agency, the CANOPUS Mission Scientist (MS) and those responsible for the instrument providing the data of interest.

Sharing of limited amounts of data in joint studies between science team members and outside collaborators should be cleared with the science team. The CANOPUS Mission Scientist (MS) should be advised of such studies.

Limited amounts of data may be released on a non-collaborative basis on the explicit understanding that the favour will be reciprocated at another time. Such releases should be cleared with the appropriate CANOPUS scientists. The CANOPUS MS should be advised of such studies.

If the filling of a data request is deemed to make unreasonable demands on the time of either CANOPUS scientists or their support staff, the request may be rejected. It is the responsibility of the CANOPUS science team member proposing to release data to determine if the operational impact of so doing is acceptable.

Coauthorship of Papers Based on CANOPUS Data

When CANOPUS data is to be used in collaboration with outside scientists, CANOPUS scientists concerned with the instrument or instruments with which the data were obtained should be invited to participate. All team members should be advised of the proposed collaboration.

Resolution of Conflicts

Any disagreements with respect to these guidelines will be referred to the MS who will resolve them if necessary in consultation with the full science team.

Acknowledgement of CSA

All use of the data must acknowledge the support by the Canadian Space Agency.

Sample Acknowledgement of CSA:
The CANOPUS instrument array constructed, maintained and operated by the Canadian Space Agency, provided the data used in this study.
CANOPUS Mission Scientist CANOPUS Associate Mission Scientist
Dr. Eric Donovan
Physics Department,
University of Calgary,
Calgary, Alberta
Phone: (403) 220-6337
FAX: (403) 282-5016
E-mail: eric at phys.ucalgary.ca
Dr. Fokke Creutzberg
c/o Canadian Space Agency,
100 Sussex Drive,
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. K1A 0R6
Room 2037
Phone: (613) 990-0700
FAX: (613) 952-6605
E-mail: Dr Fokke.Creutzberg at sp-agency.ca

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