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CANOPUS Real Time Magnetometer and Riometer (MARIA) Data


CANOPUS data are received at the data collection site (Ottawa, Canada) in 2.5 minute chunks, via an ANIK communication satellite, operated by Telesat Canada.

A permanent server process creates GIF displays as the data arrives.
Your request for real time data using the following Viewing Selection Form will be served by the most recent GIF file for your requested site(s) and duration. For this reason, the sites are not synchronized and can differ by a minute or two, and may appear to be running a minute or two "late".

Because of occasional technical difficulties, it is possible that data from any given site may not be available in real time. If such is the case, you will see an empty plot.

Please consult the notes on browsers at the end of this page.


The content of the CANOPUS Web is protected by a Copyright. More specifically, the usage and distribution of any CANOPUS Data is governed by the document Rules of the Road.

Viewing Selection

[Past 24 Hrs Data Availability]
Data Type:
Magnetometer     Riometer

All Available Sites
Eastern Meridional Line "Churchill Line"
User Selected (click all applicable sites below) - see map
  Contwoyto Lake
Eskimo Point
Fort Churchill
Fort McMurray
Fort Simpson
Fort Smith
Island lake
Rabbit Lake
Rankin Inlet

Time Span:
1 hour 4 hours 8 hours 12 hours 24 hours

Note: This will open a separate browser window

Notes on browsers

In order obtain near "real time" data, you must be running a browser that supports "Client pull", such as recent versions of Netscape and IE.
Browsers that do not support this will display available recent data, but will not update the display automatically - you must resubmit the request manually using the [Reload/ Refresh] button.

During the real time display, if you wish to force the screen to update, and you are using Netscape Communicator 4.x, then you must use the [Shift] key together with the [Reload] button.

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